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Remember that even the paid videos come with free text explaining the ideas from the video.

Also, a large amount of our free content is still contained in our original badminton articles.

How far back to stand when defending

The best place to defend from is slightly behind the middle of the court.

What is the right grip for forehand net shots?

It’s a simple enough question, but I bet most players would get it wrong.

Backhand low serve introduction

The backhand low serve is the main serve used in doubles and men’s singles.

The shuttle should pass low over the net and land near the front service line.

Stab net shots

Adding spin to your net shots makes them more difficult for your opponent to return.

Step out footwork

This pattern moves you directly to the forehand rear corner, using the shortest route and covering the most ground. It’s a safe option that will work when you’re under pressure. It’s also less tiring.